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Testimonials for Cambridge Plumbing & Water Conditioning

Cambridge Plumbing & Water Conditioning offers a range of plumbing services, including general repairs, maintenance and more. You can also rely on us to offer water treatment services, along with bathroom and kitchen renovations. We are WSIB insured. Take a look at what our happy customers have to say about our services.


Always Available

“Thanks so much for always being available for us – be it at our old home or here at our new location. We always try to recommend you to our friends and colleagues as a fantastic person and plumber!”

- K. Emms & M. Carneth


Prompt Service

“Thanks so much for your prompt quick service.”

- Thomas & Sandi M.


Quick Response

“Mark, Thanks for your quick service response to my plumbing issues. Have a great week!”

- Lynn A.


Honest Team

“Great bath renovation, the wife is thrilled with all your work. Done on time, best of all our invoice was less than your estimate! Who does that? Only the honest Gowing boys, what a pleasant surprise.”

- A. Duke

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